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Social Media Strategies

At Socially, we assist companies and brands in devising and developing a social media strategy that is consistent with their own SMART business and marketing goals.

Ultimately, social media is about people, not logos. We deliver successful social media strategies by focussing on the following areas: Social Media Strategy Ownership, Evaluating Social Media Success, Audience Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Channel Selection and finally, Being Social rather than Doing Social.


Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns are strategic time-based plans aimed at accomplishing a specific business goal through the use of social media networks.

At Socially, we collaborate with our clients and deliver campaigns around Community Building, Brand Development as well as Product Feedback & Testing.


Social Media Engagement

Through authentic social media engagement, we show our clients the difference between just volume-chasing and true community engagement.

We assist them further by assessing their online status and determining how the target audience responded to their various strategies and campaigns through the use of social media analytical tools.